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- An Autonomous Institution in India for the Development of Women's Education

   Admissions Open for High School (10th) / Intermediate (12th)    Admissions Open for E-PGDM (1 Year) / Certificate / Diploma Courses   Admissions started for Main Exams-2022 Session. Last Date: 30-10-21

President’s Message

I am honoured to be the President of All India Mahila Sangh.  Being a woman’s organisation to serve our society and active as always in our vibrant Indian community, has been a true test of our commitment to the service of women’s community. Many generations of women have volunteered for providing women’s education, but their efforts were scattered that only marginal success was possible throughout these years.  This administration will continue to honour those women who have done exceptionally good work in spreading education, as well as the more current and future members of this dynamic organization.  All India Mahila Sangh believes that by directly supporting women and girls, we are reducing inequalities and fostering progress for everyone. Our vision and approach are built on the experience we have gained over the years. They are also reinforced by numerous studies that show investing in education for girls, as well as vocational training and employment for women, produces a positive ripple effect on the entire community and ultimately on the entire country.  I strongly believe in the power of talented individuals and innovative organizations to create deep change in their own societies through ground-breaking initiatives.  I have also seen over the past years that the best way to make a large-scale impact on improving our country is by fostering partnerships and collaboration with and between these entrepreneurial individuals and organizations. In our choice of projects and programs, we focus on: innovation, the potential for growth and replication, systemic change and sustainability. Through our close collaboration with local partners, we have consolidated educational projects .Ultimately, our motivation is to help girls and women to realize their full potential in life through education and, in the process, to gain more hope for a brighter future. The support and expertise of our team with whom I wish to gratefully share our success, makes it all possible. Education to Women continues to inspire us as we strive to fulfil our mission.

S/d – The President,

All India Mahila Sangh

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