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Vocational Programmes

India has been developing due to the development of science and technology. This has been possible because of the availability of material and human resources. Our country is too rich in these two resources. What is needed is their proper utilization. This requires expansion and development of vocational education. The need of the hour is to impart vocational education in order to acquire expertness in the field of “technical know-how”. Vocational education is concerned with the training on vocation. It is related to productivity. Vocational education prepares individuals for jobs. It has adequate employment potentialities. It helps in broadening of horizon. It leads to dignity of labour. It is helpful in the maximum utilisation of the material resources of the country. When vocational educational education is mixed with general education it is called vocationlisation of education. Vocationalisation of education is designed to introduce manual skills in general education. Vocationalisation of education means training in some vocations at the secondary, Higher Secondary level with general education.

Aims of Vocational Programmes:

(1) To increase the productive potential of the country.

(2) To raise the economic standard of people.

(3) To reduce the level of unemployment by providing self- employment schemes.

(4) To utilize man-power to fullest extent.

(5) To make the students skilled technician.

(6) To help for equitable sharing of benefits of economic development to ensure social and economic justice.

(7) To help students understand the scientific and technological aspects of contemporary Civilisation.

(8) To make use of material and human resources.

(9) To exploit the scientific and technical knowledge for betterment of the society.

(10) To generate in students a love and appreciation for work.

Courses Offered by AIMS, India:

AIMS is offering Various Vocational Courses in the field of

  1. Technical Courses,
  2. Management Courses,
  3. Teacher Education Courses,
  4. Hotel Management Courses,
  5. Home Science,
  6. Computer & IT

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