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Women’s Education


(i) Educating the women will empower them to seek gender equality in the society.

(ii) Women will be able to earn that would raise their economic condition and their status in the society.

(iii) They will be aware about the advantages of small and planned family and this will be a big step towards achieving stabilized population goals.

(iv)  It has been reported that the single most important factor affecting high total fertility rates (TFR) is the low status of women in many societies. Women education will help increase the age of marriage of women and they would tend to have fewer, healthier children who would live longer.

(v) Women on being educated would be able to rear their children in a better way, leading to their good health and provide them with better facilities.

(vi) Women are also the victim of capitalism and development. Due to some development activity like dam building or mining, they get rehabilitated. The men folk get some compensation and migrate to towns in search of some job while women are left behind to look after the family with little resources. They are compelled to take up some marginalized work, which is highly unorganized and often socially humiliating. Women education can greatly help restore their settlement and dignity.

(vii) Education of women would mean narrowing down of social disparities and inequities. This would automatically lead to sustainable development.

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